Secrets of the LinkedIn Kingdom

If you are serious about becoming successful at LinkedIn, then this audio download (mp3) is pretty much a must have in order to get to where you want to go.

This audio contains an interview between Coach Powell and Cheree Warrick. Cheree pulls out some very powerful information from Coach Powell, someone who has over 20 pages of testimonials on LinkedIn and over 10,000 personal connections.

Some of the topics that Coach Powell covers are:

  • How to properly setup your profile for maximum effectiveness.
  • How to attract valuable connections on LinkedIn.
  • How to use the LinkedIn Q&A to get to your prospects, crowdsource, learn about an industry, and connect with business professionals worldwide.
  • What the top things you should be focusing on on LinkedIn.
  • How you can become a power player in the LinkedIn Kingdom.

Save yourself a lot of time and get Coach Powell’s Secrets of the LinkedIn Kingdom audio so you can build your business directly through the Internet!

Here’s a brief sample of what you’ll gain:

Price: $29.95