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Business Explosion Powerpack

Just three hours a week could completely change your life.

No jokin’ either! This is what you could do in just three short hours per week:

  • Attend Coach Powell’s webinars and learn success strategies for growing your business beyond your wildest dreams.
  • Connect with the entire Coach Powell Community to attract new business partners, find accountability partners, bring in new business, and get your burning business questions answered.
  • Review this week’s training material to grow your skills in networking, customer acquisition and retention, business and vision development, and learning where you belong in your own business.

Its that simple, really. These three things will turn your whole business around.

So whats this going to cost me?

Normally to get this kind of training with the Coach, he’d charge you $1,000 a month!

But we caught him in a good mood, and pulled some strings, and managed to whittle the price down a bit.

We’re going to open this membership up at just $39.95 per month if you register between now! Thats a little over 30 days to commit the equivalent of highway robbery and get the deal of a lifetime. After that, the price goes up to $97 per month (but not for you, just for those who sat on the fence too long!)

Yup, its $39.95 per month, forever, or at least until you decide it isn’t worth it (which is a very long time from now, I might add).

Actually, on second thought…

How about I just give it to you for $1?

“$1 you say?”

Yeah, just $1 to get a one week test drive of this program.

Thats access to:

  • One of the weekly Coach Powell Webinars.
  • Unlimited access to the Coach Powell community.
  • Unbridled access to all of the training materials as we put them up on the site.
  • For the first time ever, control over your life’s circumstances and control over the destiny of your business (didn’t know someone could sell that to you, did you? 😉 )
  • The Coach Powell Podcast (The secret episodes we don’t post to the front of the site).
  • Special complementary support from Potomac Creative (they make cool websites like this one).
  • and a bunch more.

Only one dollar. Can’t beat that!

Click below to get started with your test drive!

(Note that after the 7-day trial period, you will revert to a normal 30 day billing cycle of $39.95 automatically until you cancel. Click here to process cancellation)