The VisionQuest90 Blueprint

Hey Gang,

As you know, I have been orchestrating Coach Powell’s website for a while now. My real business has been the computer repair business and the Coach and I have traded a lot of services back and forth with each other.

Marvin never really intended to put up a website and have a strong web presence. In fact I can distinctly remember him publicly proclaiming that he didn’t have a website and didn’t need one.

But through a lot of prodding I managed to get him focused on building a web presence because as you and I both know, he has been a LOT more effective in helping all of us with his ideas and processes for business improvement.

I know that without his key ideas on vision I would have been heading for big trouble this year as my business begins to grow beyond my own ability to handle all the work! I don’t know about you, but my biggest fear was that I hadn’t properly thought through where I was heading in business and in life. I am working so hard to make things work that it is difficult to keep my barings on where I am working towards. But through the vision exercises that he has taught me in person and through this website’s content I have been able to know whats right and whats wrong in my own personal and business life.

The main thing we have been working on in the last few months has been trying to get the word out about a process that Marvin created called the VisionQuest90 process. His intention, originally, was to use it only with his Coaching clients to “coach” them through becoming better business owners. Gosh! How selfish is that, keeping all the good stuff for himself ;)!

However, as part of his website, he agrees with me that it would be best to teach you how to use the VisionQuest90 process by yourself. That way you would be able to utilize this powerful process he developed on your own time. That, by no means, devalues his coaching in your business, but this will give you the tools to be able start down the path to do some of the following things:

  • Properly set and reach business goals.
  • Learn how to consistently make the right decisions for yourself and your business. (And how to sleep peacefully at night knowing that they are indeed the RIGHT decisions 😉 ).
  • Get excited about where you are going.
  • Get other people excited about where you are going.
  • KNOW where you are going (this has been key for me, personally).
  • Stay focused on finishing your projects.

On May 7th in the afternoon he is going to be teaching this process in detail for the first time ever. I’ll be posting up a registration form later this week, but in the mean time, what I have done is recorded a 40 minute blueprint of the VisionQuest90 Process.

Marvin and I recorded this yesterday at the local Panera Bread (so forgive the background noise). And MAN the allergies were killing me, so if you hear me weeping over Marvin’s incredible process it is just that it touched me right where it counts (and I’m on allergy overload).

This audio file goes deep into how the process works. I asked Marvin as many questions as I could think of and tried to make sure that we got as much detail as we possibly could fit into the 40 minute audio. I know that there is a TON more to be taught, but this is essentially the core of the model which you can apply to your life tomorrow if you wanted :).

Just click here to listen. Right click to download.

Keeping your success in focus,
-Dan Kolansky and the Ninety Day Power Play

Vision Clarifies Decision Making (Vision Part 3 of 6)

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Decision making is the most critical cognitive skill that we all have. Our ability to reason and make informed conclusions help us decide how, if and when we are to act on anything. In fact, decision making by definition contains the ability for us to make purposeful selections from and amidst a set of alternatives. We have to constantly negotiate mental objects and concepts to arrive at our process of living. Our ability to do this and do it well affects us on every level; personally, within our relationships and as leaders of organizations. Without well-honed decision-making skills, there is no accurate planning or coordinating, no ability to control situations as we experience them. It’s like being adrift on a stormy sea with no sail or rudder. [Read more…]