The next few weeks are going to require a review of what you’ve already done so take a minute to go back and review weeks one and two before you post your work from this weeks assignment. You should have generated so many ideas by now that it’s hard to contain them.

If you haven’t already started with week one, go back to the “rules of the game” blog post and start there. It’s not too late, you might not get caught up with the contest but you can keep up with the class. We’ll bring the contest back again in the second quarter 2009 and you’ll have an early start.

**IMPORTANT** If you’re going to play along, don’t just do the exercises for yourself. Posting your results ads to the community of learning and helps others get to see and know your business. You’ll be surprised who’ll want to help you.

The next few lessons come almost entirely from Ivan Misner’s work on building a WOMBAT plan. I’ve put our unique spin on this but I highly recommend that you purchase his book “Business By Referral”. Please see sample exercise so that you’ll know how to post your results [Read more…]