Rules of the Game FREE Business Plans!

Explaining the Game!

Hi Everyone!
I know that you are all getting geared up for next year and I’d like to help.
I’d like to take a moment to invite you to a few special sessions of my FREE small business coaching series. For years I’ve used Coffee, Tea, You and Me as a wonderful outlet to facilitate the advanced networking education of small business leaders in the area. As a result, I’ve had a tremendously powerful impact on many small business leaders and have been inspired to use this venue to conduct a workshop and contest for small business owners to create their own word-of- mouth marketing plan for the upcoming year.
That’s right, for the next 5 or so weeks we’ll be helping our clients and contestants to create their own personal winning strategy. I’ll be right there to guide you in the development of a plan for phenomenal success in the next year. The winners of the contest will receive thousands of dollars in prizes and gifts! If you’d like to check what others have said about our skills, I invite you to review our testimonials here.
Be prepared to take lots of notes and to introduce your business to more than twenty other professionals. Feel free to hand out your business cards and brochures.
This website will be our online meeting place, and will contain the information you’ll need to participate.
Professional transformation is yours soon and I can’t wait to help you unlock your plan for success. Welcome to your revolution!
Stay tuned every week to see updates to this post and join the game at any time!

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