OK, we’ve come a long way but we’ve got a little further to go. For the next two weeks we’ll be discussing and working on exercises that will help you build a fantastic communications plan. There are several aspects that must be considered if your networking opportunities are to bring positive results to you and your team. First your internal communication must be adequate. You’ll have to understand the value of self talk and self awareness. Then you’ll have to really go to work on external dialogue both verbal and non-verbal.

Remember, networking is the only form of marketing that can truly focus on a niche market absolutely in real time. What you say and how to say it matters more than a little bit. The feedback will be immediately positive or negative; the true professional takes the time to prepare and doesn’t waste opportunity.

Everything Starts With You

This week we will deal with the most important communication that there is. Communicating your self-talk must be positive and inspirational. It must speak to your own personal truth and keep you aligned with your future.

Here are some valuable exercises to help you improve:

List your five strongest personal character traits (PCT). Make sure these character traits are backed up and validated by others. What would your best friends say they are? You’ll know this because they already said it (that’s a hint).

Of your PCTs list two ways you can leverage each of them to achieve your vision and mission. Think of things or ideas that can help others engage with you. What will make make your networking partners interested enough to commit to helping you? What’s the best way to communicate your vision and goals to them?

Create two affirmation statements that you can repeat to yourself to increase your positive attitude or keep you focused

Describe the image you would like to create amongst your networks

Sample Posting

My five greatest personal character traits (PCTs) are:

  • My willingness to share
  • My ability to listen
  • My talent for developing positive business relationships
  • My understanding of global financial markets
  • My ability to commit to practical, meaningful activities

I can leverage my PCTs by:

  • Communicating and sharing what I’ve learned with others even more
  • Developing a team of other coaches to mentor and train
  • Use my listening skills to create opportunities for people in my network
  • Create a strong understanding of my top ten networking contacts by interviewing and writing about them
  • Create connections through my passion for small business and advocacy
  • Help my clients and contacts understand how to read financial market data to their advantage
  • Show my friends how to take courageous yet insightful actions to help them grow
  • Etc

Here are two statements that I can repeat to help me stay focused and upbeat:

  • There is no one that is more prepared for success than me
  • I am such a courageous genius and even my mistakes are good

Here’s a statement that represents the image that I’ll have to have.

  • Coach Powell is a “go to guy.” Whenever we need to get the right things done, the coach is right there to give us a little boost to focus and dig a little deeper.

Next week is our last formal lesson, and then we go into two weeks of writing. There is plenty of time for you stragglers to catch up so don’t waste it.

Speak Your Mind