Week One – Establish (VMGD) Passionate and Powerful Vision and Mission Statements, Appropriate Goals, and Daily Action.

Post up your answers to the week one work in response to this posting!

  • Read each blog entry 1-6 on Vision at www.ninetydaypowerplay.com and leave comments for the community your comments must be at least five sentences for each entry (everyone will know if you fake it so don’t)
  • List at least ten real measurements of success for you becoming the best networker that you can be in 2009
  • List the values and principles that you will have to embrace and focus on to achieve these results and why
  • List at least five weaknesses that you’ll have to strengthen in your current personal behavior to insure success and why
  • List at least five strengths that you currently have that you’ll have to maximize and explain why
  • List at least five opportunities that you must take advantage of and why
  • List at least five threats that could keep you from achieving your networking goals if you don’t get in front of them

Week 1 Sample Answers!

Ten measurements of my networking success for 2009

  1. I will have at 1,000’s of active LinkedIn Connections
  2. I will be sought after for interviews by professional associations
  3. Associations will want to hire me to speak
  4. Large groups will buy my training systems
  5. etc

Values and principles that I will have to embrace and focus on to achieve these results are:

  1. caring for professional association executives
  2. diligence to stay in front my PR
  3. courage to approach strangers regularly and often
  4. resolve to never quit

The five weaknesses that I will have to strengthen and why are:

  1. stop procrastinating- Don’t let the BIG goal slip break them down into bite sized chunks
  2. work on energy level- I’ll need to be my best always
  3. etc.

The five strengths that I’ll have to maximize are:

  1. my ability to communicate effectively
  2. my willingness to try new and different ideas
  3. my creative energy
  4. my empathetic listening ability
  5. etc

The five opportunities that I must take advantage of are:

  1. I must enlist the help of my closest friends
  2. learn the skills of a master recruiter
  3. engage more golden shepherds
  4. etc.

The five threats that could keep me from achieving my networking goals if you don’t get in front of them are:

  1. wasting money on bad marketing ideas
  2. going into meetings unprepared with solid elevator speech
  3. willy-nilly activity with no real plan or expectation
  4. etc

Here’s a list of “Why” my previous answers are important:

  1. maintaining an active an vibrant LinkedIn community will help me connect people in meaningful ways, saving all of us time and money
  2. creating great press relations with media leaders int eh business community will help grow the Coach Powell brand quickly
  3. developing excellent corporate ties will help our on-line courses fly
  4. getting help from close friends will help things move faster because we’ve already developed trust
  5. learning how to really recruit talent will help me build a perfect network
  6. making sure that I block out time to really pre-pare for each networking opportunity will help me maintain professionalism and focus on the goal
  7. understanding the vision of where I’m going and communicating that effectively to others will explode my results
  8. etc.

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