Here we are finally at week six. By now undoubtedly all of you are beginning to see where all of this is going. The feedback has been tremendous and I’m impressed with the quality of work and the level of engagement that has been shown.

This last assignment is all about external communication. I’ll take a moment to remind you here that the loudest voice in your life is your own. You need to be extra careful to speak to yourself in ways that affirm your highest truth. We’re going to try everything possible to make sure that your external dialogue is a reflection of real value to you and your highest internal ideals. What else should you be interested in talking about anyway?

Create Your Own Collateral

First let’s gather some collateral material that you think will be interesting to people that can make the hiring decision to bring you on board for your services and or products. We live in the universe of on-line newspapers and magazines. There thousands of blogs and postings of every kind available on the internet today. You can easily find a video or sound recording that matches your highest ideals and send them to others that would be similarly interested. You can join existing discussions or share useful information from a conference with the flick of the send key. You’ll need to find 2-3 pieces of third-party material that highlight a need for your product or service.

There may also be 1-2 pieces out there that your golden geese might be interested in. Remember golden geese are people that are naturally aligned with people that hire you or buy your products or services. They could also be recruited to be mentors or part of your personal advisory council. They might be more interested in fun topics that are universally interesting. Make sure that your materials back up your statements below.

Find Your Champions

Next, let’s gather some wonderful endorsement statements that you can share with the rest of the world about how great you are. Make sure that these statements highlight your ability to actually produce real results. Just having your old bosses or best friends say how sweet or nice you are doesn’t really do the trick so make sure they’ve expressed some ability or talent that you have. LinkedIn is an excellent place to gather these and easily share with others.

A hint about gathering endorsements ““ it’s much easier when you give them out first. LinkedIn is really a good tool for this as well but don’t be scared to just send a message out to clients and ask for it. You’ll need at least five for people not to think you’re a fluke.

I can hear some of you thinking about the fact that you are really just starting to do what you currently do. Don’t worry about it. You are credible at something and something has been produced as a result of your past efforts. If you’ve never actually put your best foot forward, start now.

Let’s think about you and the press. Look back over previous exercises and ask your self, “is there anything here that is worth publicizing?” Do you know how to write a press release? Of course you can. Check this out. Go ahead and crack one out right now.

Speaking Your Message

OK, let’s work on your seven second marketing introduction. What do you say when you introduce your self to people? Better yet what do you say when they ask you what you do? What’s the tag line at the end of your e-mail signature? You’ll need a catchy attractive statement the sums up the biggest benefit of your product or service. If you’re looking for a job you’ll need to focus on your greatest talents or the reasons people like to work with you. You’ll need to have a really good grasp of benefits vs. features that your product or service offers. This is critically important to your ability to use attractive language in describing what, how or why you do what you do. Check out this very interesting idea of benefits vs. features.

A sixty second or elevator speech is the most important part of a good networking communication strategy. Your ability to use attractive language and engage in meaningful conversation is more than a passive idea. Creating dialogue from your heart is the first step. Get used to telling stories and using demographic descriptions to describe what you are looking for. Of course being very specific about what you are looking for and how others can help you helps others actually more productive on your behalf. See example below. You’ll need at least two good elevator speeches followed by your tag line. These will have to be memorized and at the ready at all times.

Tools of the master

You are going to need some or all of the following tools to master your networking strategy in real time:

A professionally made name badge. These are so easy to order.

Card holders for each suit, briefcase, purse, etc., to carry your business cards

A card file to carry other people’s business cards

A contact management system or computer program (remember this will be a part of your follow up strategy)

A collateral material package (this will definitely include parts of your finished networking plan)

Make It Fun to Know You

What incentives can you give someone that agrees to be a part of your network? They are going to need opportunities to enjoy hanging out with you on-line or in person. Think through your options, talents and other relationships. You’d be surprised about how many people would like to meet your close contacts. Others would love to get a copy of your grandmother’s famous German Chocolate Cake recipe or be invited to your favorite sporting and entertainment events. You’ll want to create your own unique incentive package.

Sample Posting for Week Six

I found the following fantastic articles about hiring a business coach that my potential clients are sure to enjoy:




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“A dynamic speaker with some outstanding ideas on how to grow and maintain your business at any level.” January 22, 2009

Lee Tingler, Agent, Virginia Farm Bureau
was with another company when working with Marvin at Coach Powell Training and Development (CPT&D)

“Marvin and I met at his request to get to know one another as we both are networkers and I had answered one of his questions on Linkedin. I enjoyed our meeting very much and he gave me tips on improving my profile and a CD that contained a podcast with a fountain of information on how to improve my profile and other Linkedin do’s and don’ts. Coach Powell, you truly exemplify the “Giver’s gain” credo. With his suggestion to start a blog, ask questions and answer questions on Linkedin, my profile has already gained new business for me and my company. Thank you Coach!” January 21, 2009

Susan Cook, RDCPro „¢, NVSI-Certified, Principal Broker, Metro Residential Realty
was with another company when working with Marvin at Coach Powell Training and Development (CPT&D)

“Marvin is a superlative coach who combines energy, intelligence and a shrewd understanding of business principles to create a powerfully effective program of success.” January 12, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Isabella Jones, E-RYT 500, Professional Trainer
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Laura Kowalski, Intuitive Coach, Laughing Divas
was with another company when working with Marvin at Coach Powell Training and Development (CPT&D)

“Marvin Powell is highly motivated and gifted with many talents. One which is the ablility to grab focused attention with anyone he interacts with enabling him to gain their trust and quickly establishing a mutually valuble relationship. It is an honor to work with him.” December 6, 2008

Randal Miller, Clinical Director, Natural Health Solutions
was with another company when working with Marvin at Coach Powell Training and Development (CPT&D)

“If you need someone who can cut to the chase, Marvin is your man. He listens, does his analysis, an presto–a realistic and actionable recommendations that can be immediately applied. Marvin’s vast background in business consulting makes him the perfect choice for any coaching engagement. Highly recommended!” November 30, 2008

Lauren Kirby, Founder and President, TurnAround, LLC
was with another company when working with Marvin at Coach Powell Training and Development (CPT&D)

The local and international press should be interested in the following ideas:

My unique coaching system VisionQuest90 „¢

My ability to create synergy between for profit and non-profit productivity

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Sample Elevator Pitch

Ben Jamin is one of my favorite clients. He runs a small twenty-five year old promotional marketing business from his home in Fairfax Virginia. Tons of locally based non-profit organizations depend on Ben for their conference and other marketing products. His wife of twenty years and his eighteen year old son haven’t really seen spent any real time with him or helped him in the business.

The trying economic times have created more time for Ben to hang around with his family and he was driving them absolutely nuts with request for time and attention. You see Ben had been used to communicating and socializing with his clients and they seem to be running out of reasons to talk to him as their organizations downsize merge and cancel services.

Ben knew he had to do something to get back in his own business and out of his families or he’d loose them both. He consulted with me and I helped him reinvigorate his communication strategy with his clients using some of the most up to date social web techniques. He’s been able to expand his client base to a nationwide audience and bring on the right team members to help himself using my highly intense VisionQuest90 process.

Today, I’d like to meet other service professionals; lawyers, CPAs and medical professionals. I’d love to sit with them briefly and explain my proven system to them and help them maximize the value of their personal input to business growth. Please have them give me a call or email right away. You never know when you could be saving a friend’s business.

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