Week One – Establish (VMGD) Passionate and Powerful Vision and Mission Statements, Appropriate Goals, and Daily Action.

Post up your answers to the week one work in response to this posting!

  • Read each blog entry 1-6 on Vision at www.ninetydaypowerplay.com and leave comments for the community your comments must be at least five sentences for each entry (everyone will know if you fake it so don’t)
  • List at least ten real measurements of success for you becoming the best networker that you can be in 2009
  • List the values and principles that you will have to embrace and focus on to achieve these results and why
  • List at least five weaknesses that you’ll have to strengthen in your current personal behavior to insure success and why
  • List at least five strengths that you currently have that you’ll have to maximize and explain why
  • List at least five opportunities that you must take advantage of and why
  • List at least five threats that could keep you from achieving your networking goals if you don’t get in front of them

Week 1 Sample Answers!

Ten measurements of my networking success for 2009

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