The Ninety Day Power Play Is Kicking Tail!

The Ninety Day Power Play 2.0 is up and we are ready to tear down the walls in Northern Virginia, and then the whole world. We have some amazing things coming and here is a preview so you can make sure that you are positioned to grow your business!

#1.) You can expect to see Coach Powell’s 16 Power Plays Playbook hitting the streets this coming May. This book is going to have 16 powerful strategies that you can employ to grow yourself, your business, and your leadership abilities. This is, essentially, “bottled Coach” (Patent Pending =P). Imagine taking Coach Powell’s $5,000 business coaching program (the same one which has generated such a big splash here in Northern Virginia), multiplying it by 16, and then giving it away for free in an ebook.

Its kind of crazy, I know. All I can say is that you would be insane not to be ready for it when it finally does make it out. The best way that you can stay tuned for that is to sign up for our e-zine! We’ll be releasing it for free to all of our subscribers. But only to our subscribers. So check out the e-zine on the right hand side of the screen if you haven’t already. [Read more…]

Week Two – Establish (VMGD) Passionate and Powerful Vision and Mission Statements, Appropriate Goals, and Daily Action.

This week we’ll work specifically on the ideas that you’ll need to explore to construct your goals and daily tasks correctly. If you haven’t already worked through last weeks lesson then you should start there and catch up. You’ll need those ideas to move forward. Hint: You may want to list your ideas in word and then cut and paste them into the comment section of the site.

Some definitions to explore:

Vision- helps to pinpoint your destination. It informs you and your major stakeholders where you intend to be.

Mission- how you intend to reach your destination

Goals- what specific strategies will you employ to reach your goals. They must be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely)

Tasks- what regular consistent tactics and techniques will you use [Read more…]

Week One – Establish (VMGD) Passionate and Powerful Vision and Mission Statements, Appropriate Goals, and Daily Action.

Post up your answers to the week one work in response to this posting!

  • Read each blog entry 1-6 on Vision at and leave comments for the community your comments must be at least five sentences for each entry (everyone will know if you fake it so don’t)
  • List at least ten real measurements of success for you becoming the best networker that you can be in 2009
  • List the values and principles that you will have to embrace and focus on to achieve these results and why
  • List at least five weaknesses that you’ll have to strengthen in your current personal behavior to insure success and why
  • List at least five strengths that you currently have that you’ll have to maximize and explain why
  • List at least five opportunities that you must take advantage of and why
  • List at least five threats that could keep you from achieving your networking goals if you don’t get in front of them

Week 1 Sample Answers!

Ten measurements of my networking success for 2009

[Read more…]

Vision Defines Purpose (Vision 5 of 6)

If Vision is our sense of destiny; a sacred understanding of where we are going, then purpose is its more meaningful partner. Like yen and yang, these two ideas are each other’s greatest compliment. Neither can stand alone very well without the benefit of the other. Of course, you can have “vision” with no purpose, but there won’t be meaningful results. We need to have a compelling reason to engage in any change of behavior. “Purpose” is most often defined as the anticipated result that guides decision making. That’s right when you are moving with purpose; you are simultaneously anticipating an outcome. You’re thinking about your end game with some reasonable expectation. Your results can be either positive or negative but the results are inevitable.

Purpose quite often has two characteristics: it provides meaning and simultaneously answers the question “why”. It’s easy to decide on a destination that you want to reach in life. The hard part is providing a sense of contextual meaning or reason to that destination. Without a good compelling reason, it’s harder to accomplish anything. Yes, often we find ourselves engaging in thoughtless activity simply because someone in whom we have a great amount of respect for, asked that we do so. I would submit that keeping up with this course of action, never having a clue as to why your mother, for example, wanted you to bath five times a day would be difficult. Eventually, you’ll have an understanding of how other people behave and begin to question why they can get away with only one or two cleanings a day! You may even begin to resent your mother as you use up more and more body soap in your quest for absolute germ-free cleanliness. Anger and disappointment will soon give way to rage and disgust until you simply cease to comply. [Read more…]

Vision Creates and Sustains Motivation (Vision 4 of 6)

We’ve said a lot about vision and its importance to human beings and achieving their potential as individuals as well as within organizations. Nothing, however, is more important to people than motivation. It just so happens that when done well, vision represents the very soul of motivation without which, our efforts would be hollow and lifeless. Let’s take a look at motivation first.

Motivation is a complex labyrinth of stimuli then response. In some cases, the response itself is the very motivation to provide continuous stimulus and then yet again, an additional response. This cycle continues for most of our lives and is, in fact, the fundamental building block of all human behavior. When we accidentally touch something extremely hot we immediately snatch our hand away to protect ourselves. This is the classic stimulus-response example that behavioral scientists have studied for years. [Read more…]

Vision Clarifies Decision Making (Vision Part 3 of 6)

About decision-making

Decision making is the most critical cognitive skill that we all have. Our ability to reason and make informed conclusions help us decide how, if and when we are to act on anything. In fact, decision making by definition contains the ability for us to make purposeful selections from and amidst a set of alternatives. We have to constantly negotiate mental objects and concepts to arrive at our process of living. Our ability to do this and do it well affects us on every level; personally, within our relationships and as leaders of organizations. Without well-honed decision-making skills, there is no accurate planning or coordinating, no ability to control situations as we experience them. It’s like being adrift on a stormy sea with no sail or rudder. [Read more…]

Vision helps others to buy-in and creates true understanding (Vision Part 2 of 6)

Personally speaking, there is nothing worse than reaching for opportunities that don’t really exist or striving to work hard on strategies and concepts that have no real chance of ever being implemented. Nothing really happens when you don’t know where you are going. Actually, a lot happens. The vision of other people happens to you.

Finding your real vision can be extremely easy or painfully difficult. The choice is yours. Creating your own vision gives you the gift of inspired change. This gift is a continuous source of motivation and encouragement. You never have to worry about where you should aim your career or personal life. You’ll understand without a doubt where you are going and why you believe you should get there. Your vision is at once an effort of destiny that has to be found and simultaneously an exercise of creation that emerges only with real focus and practice. [Read more…]

Why is vision such a big deal? (Vision Part 1 of 6)

Over the years my clients have asked me over and over in various different ways about vision. In fact, one of my newer associates recently asked me “What’s so important about vision anyway?”

As a business coach I’m often shocked at how many business leaders and business development specialists take this topic for granted. I mean some people don’t even consider having a well articulated vision and mission statement a priority. What they don’t know is that their lack of a clearly defined vision is just as powerful as having one in the first place. In fact, if you don’t know where you are going, you are likely to get there faster. Where is that you ask? Well nowhere of course! You can’t create something from nothing unless you have an idea.

[Read more…]